[WATCH VIDEO] Popular Gospel singer, Morenikeji Adeleke ‘Egbin Orun’ Death.

With the reported death of well-known gospel singer Morenikeji Adeleke, also known as Egbin Orun, tears well up.
Her coworker Esther Igbekele, who was saddened by her death, revealed the news of her passing online.

She broke the tragic news, saying that she had only spoken to the Morenikeji a week prior and was unaware that she would soon die.

She penned:

"I learned about this significant loss after I arrived home from my program. Morenikeji Egbin Orun, prophetess, you departed without bidding farewell. We had a conversation last week without realizing you were going to be leaving for a journey to the far beyond. You are a really wonderful, compassionate woman who has shown great support for my work. I am so sorry to hear of your passing.

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